Short History

The inspiration for Dee's Delite first came six years ago when I lived in Bloomington, Indiana. My dear neighbor, Eva was a very cheerful woman who at the age of 90 spent her days untangling partially used yarn and donating it to charity. One day, I wanted to treat her with one of my homemade cherry cheesecakes to honor her charity service and supplement her dessert-less Meals on Wheels.  Her genuine appreciation of the pie led me to continue honoring her as often as possible with afternoon coffee chats accompanied with my home-baked pies. One day, she asked me to bake one for her to share at a Sunday potluck at her church and the tradition of passing along my baked love began...

Although, I no longer bake for Eva, I continue to cherish the baby blanket, Christmas tree, toy bear and poem she gave me, not to mention her handwritten thank you note, all of which mean the world to me.

Paired with Eva’s thoughtfulness, the recipe I use is inspired by another extraordinary woman, my mother, who first taught me how to prepare a pie from scratch. The recipe is our special secret, though I have developed her version over the years, making my cakes truly unique with thicker crusts and creamier interiors. I foresee our secret recipe being handed down through generations to share this legacy of love, faith and hope one creamy bite at a time.